Two Death Knells to the Homosexual Agenda and Same Sex Marriage - Provided we get the word out

With nearly a third of America's states signed on the homosexual marriage, one might think the rest of America will eventually fall in place. In other words, it's a foregone conclusion that ultimately men will marry men and women marrying women in all 50 states. Right?

Well, I'm not so sure of that. In fact, despite the seeming inevitability of it all, I think the possibility of reversing course exists.

But it will take all of us traditional values patriots to shoulder the load.

Now I'm not necessarily saying that we'll be able to reverse the pro-same sex marriage laws on the books in the states. Once any bill is passed and signed into law, it is a daunting task to undo. But I am somewhat optimistic that we can at least put it into "stagnant mode".

And we can also counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda (gay marriage or not) - IF we boldly confront the media, politicians, public officials and the various groups pushing the garbage they are attempting to foist on society.

This is completely winnable. The gay agenda is a perpetually propped up three legged table waiting to be kicked out from under. And by God's grace, raising public awareness and countering the leftist propaganda with the facts below, we can and will do it.

The two death knells that cannot be countered, no matter how hard the homosexual left tries are, and which we must relentlessly expose:
  1. The ability to leave the homosexual lifestyle
  2. The targeting of America's children
First, the left is engaged in endless crusades to discount the fact that homosexuals can and do leave the lifestyle, using stories like the closure of Exodus International and misguided laws in California and New Jersey that prohibit counseling to those with unwanted sexual attractions. The laws have unfortunately been upheld in courts thus far. But it doesn't change the fact that many people have left the lifestyle. It only makes it harder to get the word out since the media, in cooperation with the left, is succeeding at muting those voices.

However, a fairly obscure report has quietly surfaced on the Internet that will make it even harder for the left to discount. In fact, the report is over six months old. But it contains content leftist activists cannot refute. When (not if) word gets out to the public, it will create serious heartburn for homosexual activists as well as their allies in state legislatures, Congress and pro-homosexual marriage governors.  

You can read the full article here. In a nutshell, the study shows ZERO chance one is born gay and uses identical twins in the research to come to that conclusion.

Breaking the article down, here are the areas the homosexual left will be unable to counter:
  • The study was conducted both overseas as well as in the U.S.
  • Genetics are heavily discounted and essentially do not exist.
  • The lead researcher, Dr. Neil Whitehead, is a PhD who, for nearly three decades, has researched and/or consulted for the New Zealand government, the UN, the International Atomic Energy Agency and universities in Japan
  • One of the studies cited by Dr. Whitehead are self-identified "pro-gay" authors
  • Despite Dr. Whitehead's view that homosexuals do not choose to be the way they are, he bluntly states, "no one is born gay".
Well, so much for Lady Dumdum, wouldn't you say?

Dr. Whitehead cites the evidence documented on his website as "unassailable". And from what I've seen there, I can't argue with it.

This has got to give the homosexual left severe heartburn, if not a stroke. We must get this information to as many legislators and governors as possible, particularly those who voted to sanction homosexuality in any way but especially in terms of same sex nuptials. We should be under no illusion that they will reverse cause and realistically, it is unlikely that any pro-homosexual law on the books will be repealed. But if we can get a few of them to do some honest research, we may be able to begin swaying certain members of the public, including the younger generation predisposed to look favorably upon homosexual relations. I'd like to think that such younger folks (20s & 30s) would want the truth, if for no other reason than homosexual conduct is unhealthy and often results in severely shortened lives.

Anyone who exposes the homosexual agenda and the groups that perpetuate the trash they do is certain to be ostracized, even to the point of being physically assaulted. However, other than perhaps nasty e-mails or a visit from the TV sex certifiable nut Dangerous Dan Savage (related piece here - graphic language), I  think Dr. Whitehead has little to worry about from Americans in the land down under.

The left has tried thru tortured logic and lies to say people can't leave the homosexual lifestyle. But how can they spin the example of a twin being gay and the other being straight?

8 studies, 20 years, one conclusion - NOT born that way (sorry, Lady Dumdum). Wow! This is damaging to the homosexuals stubbornly wanting to persecute those who disagree with them. Let's carry the torch. Spread the word. We can win this one now! It's open and shut.

It's a game changer.

Second, the rabid homosexual left is now forcing the gay issue by deliberately targeting children to agree with their death style. Yes, deliberately, intentionally, willfully, whichever word you choose. Yes, it may be hard to believe. But yes, we have the story.

Well, actually Yahoo has the story. And granted, the gay propaganda is being sent to the old Soviet Union in advance of the Winter Olympics being held there. It's coming from this rabid homosexual merchandise website (graphically themed). And it is, yes, deliberate, according to that site's founder as noted on the rabid pro-homosexual Huffing & Puffington Post (term identified by Rush Limbaugh). 

A slideshow of the disgusting pictures of the coloring books (be forewarned) prepared to be sent are on the same page. As one who also speaks Russian, the message on the t-shirt the misguided little boy is wearing says, "gay, OKAY!

Is there any doubt that Luke Montgomery, founder of this FCKH8 website, is evil? Yes, I meant evil. And if anyone can get this message to him, he would do well to read what Jesus said in Matt. 18 as to His view on hurting children. Because that's precisely what he's doing.

Luke might also want to read that lengthy passage of New Testament scripture that rabid and avowed homosexuals (like Dan Savage) loathe and cringe on hearing. While that passage is arguably the harshest of Paul's condemnation of sin (23 examples, more than all others), in no other place in all of scripture does the phrase "inventors of evil things" (6th item in vs. 30) exist. And honestly, I firmly believe creating color books for children, blatantly showing two individuals of the same gender kissing and saying such acts are good, is a prime example of Luke being an inventor of an evil thing. He will one day be accountable for this unless he turns from his sins to Christ.

And I don't apologize for saying that. However, Luke is not the originator of such evil. It heavily started and snowballed after homosexual marriage was enacted in Massachusetts under the watch of Mitt Romney (the same one who was the Republican nominee for president last year), despite the fact that the rabidly pro-homosexual Massachusetts legislature did not pass such a law.

[Links to Romney's record and children's materials similar to Luke's, along with other important pertinent information can be found here (well worth a few minutes of your time to learn how it all got started). If you didn't know this stuff existed in America, you do now.]

It is highly repulsive that there are individuals whose intent is to get kids to accept the homosexual way as normal or worse, get them to experiment with this highly risky lifestyle (rather death style) and send them materials promoting it (with or without parental consent). But that is what Luke and his ilk intend to do at the upcoming Winter Olympics, defiantly against Russian law, per the Huff-po web page.

Say what you will about Russians, their laws, the KGB and their liberalism. But on traditional marriage, Vladimir Putin and the Russian Parliament are in near unanimity. True, they may take their cues from the state Russian Orthodox Church, a "violation" of the so-called separation of church and state if it were here in America. But I think most of us, at the very least on marriage, would prefer taking a cue from President Putin and his state church rather than Putative bisexual President Obama and his "church", the Human Rights Campaign.

Why do the Russians seem to want to value traditional marriage as opposed that what a third of America has embraced? Considering the country's extraordinary high rate of abortion and slowly dying existence resulting from its low birth rate, despite an apparent disconnection between abortion and marriage, Putin & the Russian government seem to get it; that marriage is good for society, it will stabilize relationships (though admittedly not all) and hopefully produce more children (that's perhaps why their government has offered financial incentives to give birth to more babies and keep the Russians and their culture around for awhile).

Bluntly speaking, I find it's grossly offensive to spread such propaganda to Russians (let alone their children, and for that matter anyone). Yet Luke has done a good service to the American public by tacitly admitting that homosexuals are gunning for our children (of course, because they can't conceive except thru artificial means). Most U.S. states permit homosexual adoption in some form with little or no restrictions. That is a huge black eye on American culture and I know I will take heat for saying it but homosexuals have ZERO business adopting children, period, and states with these laws should reverse them, though I am well aware hell may freeze over before it occurs.

And this will be even harsher - parents of children who leave their spouses to join homosexual and lesbian relationships ("marriage", civil unions or neither) and subject their children to live under such settings should have their children removed and placed with the opposite sex parent. The Russians, in frowning upon homosexuality, are working on legislation to do so. I say work it out and pass it.

It's not hateful to oppose relationships that contradict nature. In this one area, we should ignore Obama and all same sex marriage advocates and stand for what has worked very well for several milllennia.

Huff-po's commenters seem to have mixed reactions to the FCKH8 story. Some rightfully oppose the group's distribution plans. Others are supportive in some respects but are rightly unsure about it being the right thing to do because of the various ramifications. Sadly, there a few posters who see no problem with distributing gay propaganda, with or without parental permission. Even if it's just a handful (as it is), to hand out coloring books and other materials of men kissing men and women kissing women to young impressionable minds and to support such efforts (with or without parental involvement) is repugnant. The Russians would be right to intercept such materials. Too bad America wouldn't do the same, partly due to the bisexual in the White House. Larry Sinclair & Reggie Love can vouch for that.  

To be fair, not all homosexuals want our children as many want to be left alone. I can respect that, though I would like to extend to them an invitation to come to Christ. But to those coming for our kids, a stern warning is for you. We will fight you tooth and nail within the law to ensure that it does not happen. No child need be exposed to behaviors shortening lives by 10-30 years. No child should be a recipient of any material favorably predisposed to homosexual conduct. And no child should be in a home with practicing homosexuals or lesbians.

Tough stuff? For sure. But it's the right stuff. We now have two additional potential game changers here, Dr. Whitehead's impeccable report and that our kids are not for sale to the homosexual community. Add these facts to exposing and defeating homosexual legislators in Congress (and hopefully state lawmakers as well, God willing) and the three legged table's legs will go on life support. It's not about harming homosexuals. Live and let live is great. But avowed homosexuals don't want to live and let live. They want our children. They want their faux form of marriage and if we oppose it, they want us persecuted. We must say no and HELL NO. Too much is at stake.

We have the winning message here. Moreover, we have the truth. And in the end, truth wins. Will you help us see that it does? It truly is a game changer for the nation.

Posted at 7 PM Nov. 17, 2013